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January 17, 2011

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Forage Trolley

Fimaks Forage Trolley Thumb Image The forage trolley offers side tipping capability which is essential for effortlessly emptying the trolley's contents into confined spaces such as silage pits. Its lightweight yet very tough body is mounted on two axles. This results in even weight distribution of the already light body which in turn leads to reduced damage to in-field crops and to the hitches of the towing equipment. The lack of such design features in traditional single axle trolleys render them incompatible with most towed harvesting equipment.
The forage trolley also offers an inertia controlled braking system and a complete set of rear-end lights which enhance road safety during night operations. It is manufactured in Turkey by Fimaks Makina A.s. and meets strict Conformité Européene (CE) standards.